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Our Algorithmic Trading Strategies:

  1. Short term momentum shifts between extreme overbought and oversold market conditions, which are traded using long and short positions allowing, potential profits in any market direction.
  2. Trend following takes advantage of extended multi month price movements in either direction up or down.
  3. Cyclical trading allows potential profits during a range bound sideways market. Some of the largest gains are encountered during choppy market conditions with this strategy.*

Our Product – Sniper Algorithm is an all-in-one trading system that combines the three strategies to make one unique complete system.

Value Added With Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Sniper Algorithm seeks to add value by maximizing return efficiency, a statistical measurement of performance. We add value through consistent performance, regardless of the current market condition or trend. Our intricate risk management rules and system can provide low portfolio volatility and a low correlation to stock market returns.

Riding the stock market roller coaster and watching your portfolio fall with the financial market can now be avoided through the use of our algorithmic trading strategies.

Properly managed positions and high transparency levels, all of which are designed to assist investors in reaching their financial goals.

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